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Heat transfer

heat transfer printed t shirt heat transfer printed t shirt heat transfer printed t shirt

What is Heat Transfer?

A means of transferring a design to a substrate using an intermediate step. In heat transfer printing, a design is printed in reverse (typically by screen printing) on a special release paper using a plastisol-based ink (or other type of sublimable dye). The printed image is then placed against the desired substrate (commonly a fabric, such as a T-shirt) and subjected to high temperature (commonly 375ºF) and pressure (60 pounds) for a short period of time (12:15 seconds is common). After the substrate has cooled, the release paper is peeled away and the image will have been transferred to the substrate. This process is commonly used for "iron-on" decals. Also known as screen flex heat transfer.

Here at Jako sports we have staff who are very experienced in heat transfer printing. We can help you design a logo and once you are happy with it we can get it printed onto your choice of apparel. If you have a desired logo in mind then be sure to either email a clear copy of the intended logo or pop down to the shop with the logo and once a mock up is complete and you are happy with it then the printing can begin.

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